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wow... chodes.

i am so proud to be part of this "chode community"... lol hmmm as my 1st um *strains to think of the word* my 1st ime writing in this...

"teej656: just post on gooches, OJ, PJ, Bangbus, chodes,....any of those "

so uh gooches, OJ, PJ, Bangbus, Chodes...

"teej656: or oj simpson"

or oj simpson...

so gooches... isnt that a dress? well if its what i think it is, a dress, then i think they are too short.

ook i was just informed i dont wanna knwo what a gooche is? not a dress?...

well lets see... i think bangbus... is really funny. not like the fact taht they are all sluts... i have no respect for that, i also think that its sick the men can go along with it... but they are sluts none the less, so... they gotta make a livin somehow...
do they get their money before they get dumped outa the van?

ook a gooch.

well since tj doesnt want a NOVEL... then go buy socks
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