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Reflections of an Art School drop out

Yeah, so Bang Bus, Right? It's fantastically hilarous! I was looking back on my life at age 19 and found its been pretty weak. I basically do nothing and, like Teej, I make fun of other people and there feelings. I mean, yeah, its funny as hell and I will do it till the day I die but it ain't helping me go anywhere. When I'm not doing that Im watching [adult smim] and getting stoned another aspect of my life thats a dead end. When I'm not doing that I'm going to school to be part of a really expensive arts and crafts class. I mean seriously my life doesn't suck, but in about 5 to 10 years I'm going to be at your front door selling magazines that I don't entend on giving you, and selling your kids grass and shrooms. I guess, what im trying to say is D. Sanchiez ( however you spell it) is a latino man who has made a fortune, doing what I do with the addition of making sex tapes of slutty woman in a back of a van and selling it. D. Sanchiez is a modern day role model to slackers like me. Not only because he part of the porno industry, but because he revalutionized the idea of porn. So, what do I have to do...?
I'm holding audition for any kind of lady that likes these things, in this order:
1. $300, video camera,
2. a donkey,
3. a midget in a gimp suit w/ a wicked case of Herpes on the retina of his left eye (and yeah you can have herpes on your eye!),
4. -$300,
5. and a flaming Dragon.

Thank You
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oh man, that killed me. Seriously joe, i think i am gonna die of laughter one day with this condition. I think we can pass Berry off as a midget and save some time finding a real one. Plus midgets die so fast. i think. Yeah, your life sucks, but it feels good when u tear someone else down. So keep doing it. and i think the funny part about D. sanchez is that he isnt latino. he just wanted a name refering to a sex position. I think he kinda looks like Carrot Top if my memmory serves me correctly.. Maybe it is Carrot Top. I guess 1-800-COLLECT wasnt cutting it.