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oh mother.

knowing as little as i do about bang bug, which is about as mucha s tj, but i dont LOOK at it... i think they should spice it up, country music, flashing lights... like strobe it,.,. who says they dont already... im just sayin... the COUNTRY MUSIC might make it all the much more smoother... but then like the strobe, intensify it. then like imagine this, *warped imagination thing* the camera man pushes the slut out the back door of the van in slow motion, as strobes flare, and the country music playing faintly, but gets louder as the intesity of the confusion of the slut rises, the song is "kiss this"... a very personal song, very clsoe to my heart... *sings* why dont you kiss, kiss this, and i dont mean on my rosy red lips, me and you, were through, and theres only one thing left for me to do, jsut comon over here one last time, pucker up and close yer eyes, and kiss this, goodbye..."
i think that sounds great. a flawless, flavorful, erotic, still disgusting, bang bus "episode"...

big foot and his chode, how can you be sure of this, ya got proof? comon... i say he doesnt show himself b/c he DOESNT have anything, his name is irrelevent to what he really is or has. poor poor big foot... friendless, CHODELESS, less less... geez.
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