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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
8:24 pm
flat out
ok so its been awhile... for EVERYONE so i went and got my nails tipped last week and noticed that there was an asian man doing nails ,.. i was thinking very hard if asking if he was carrying a chode... inappropriate or nawww..... yeah,.. = naaw

so i didnt... maye i should have tehn never went back to that place.

Current Mood: complacent
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
11:05 pm
I think we all are getting off subject of whats important. CHODE! you fools. yeah but anyway, TJ I will always love the OJ weather DS likes it or not. I guess I should leave a question so people can spark a convo and I can feel important. So, yeah, If you had to choose between getting your ass licked by your dad or "snowballing" (sorry, I'm watching clerks) with your motha, which would it be? choose wisely, Holy Man!

Current Mood: but not really, think about it
2:04 pm
kudos to PJ
im gonna hafta say PJ... is better than OJ... the pulp... in OJ = nar nar.
im not a pulp person... i like it smooth and exotic, OJ is known to florida, PJ is... somewhere else.




Current Mood: shocked
3:55 pm
So I think Orange Juice is better than Pineapple juice. Its not as strong and doesnt leave as much of a bitter after taste. I wonder which D. Sanchez likes better? My guess is Pineapple cuz it stings more when you spit it in someone's eyes. And If DS likes Pineapple better, I change my vote from OJ to PJ. enough said.
12:46 pm
i know the history... i do. ASIANS.... = the invention of the chode. .. ..

jsut incase anyone didnt know er soemthing


Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
11:08 pm
Reflections of an Art School drop out
Yeah, so Bang Bus, Right? It's fantastically hilarous! I was looking back on my life at age 19 and found its been pretty weak. I basically do nothing and, like Teej, I make fun of other people and there feelings. I mean, yeah, its funny as hell and I will do it till the day I die but it ain't helping me go anywhere. When I'm not doing that Im watching [adult smim] and getting stoned another aspect of my life thats a dead end. When I'm not doing that I'm going to school to be part of a really expensive arts and crafts class. I mean seriously my life doesn't suck, but in about 5 to 10 years I'm going to be at your front door selling magazines that I don't entend on giving you, and selling your kids grass and shrooms. I guess, what im trying to say is D. Sanchiez ( however you spell it) is a latino man who has made a fortune, doing what I do with the addition of making sex tapes of slutty woman in a back of a van and selling it. D. Sanchiez is a modern day role model to slackers like me. Not only because he part of the porno industry, but because he revalutionized the idea of porn. So, what do I have to do...?
I'm holding audition for any kind of lady that likes these things, in this order:
1. $300, video camera,
2. a donkey,
3. a midget in a gimp suit w/ a wicked case of Herpes on the retina of his left eye (and yeah you can have herpes on your eye!),
4. -$300,
5. and a flaming Dragon.

Thank You
11:32 am
oh mother.
knowing as little as i do about bang bug, which is about as mucha s tj, but i dont LOOK at it... i think they should spice it up, country music, flashing lights... like strobe it,.,. who says they dont already... im just sayin... the COUNTRY MUSIC might make it all the much more smoother... but then like the strobe, intensify it. then like imagine this, *warped imagination thing* the camera man pushes the slut out the back door of the van in slow motion, as strobes flare, and the country music playing faintly, but gets louder as the intesity of the confusion of the slut rises, the song is "kiss this"... a very personal song, very clsoe to my heart... *sings* why dont you kiss, kiss this, and i dont mean on my rosy red lips, me and you, were through, and theres only one thing left for me to do, jsut comon over here one last time, pucker up and close yer eyes, and kiss this, goodbye..."
i think that sounds great. a flawless, flavorful, erotic, still disgusting, bang bus "episode"...

big foot and his chode, how can you be sure of this, ya got proof? comon... i say he doesnt show himself b/c he DOESNT have anything, his name is irrelevent to what he really is or has. poor poor big foot... friendless, CHODELESS, less less... geez.

Current Mood: creative
12:12 am
I was watching "Venture Brothers" the other day (a hilarious show on Adult Swim). Anyways, it was the one where Brock tries to get down with his love, the hot Russian spy and he cant and it shows his frustration blue balls under the towel. I have to say I was a bit disappointed he didnt have a chode. If he did that would have been the funniest moment in TV history. I guess Joe is the only one who knows what Im talking about on this one, but whatever. Heres a question to ponder. What does the gooch of a man who sports a chode look like. It is rare enough to catch a glimpse of the elusive chode, but to see its gooch too. If it werent for drunken party banter like 'hey this kids got a chode, whip it out!" one would never know of the chodes existence. I personally have never seen one. I have only been told stories. Maybe its just a myth. But I think Big Foot has a chode. Thats why he doesnt want anyone to see him. Come on Big Foot, its not that bad. Ok, yeah, it sucks. Look on the bright side big guy. I mean u have an exotic member and if bang bus has taught me anything its that girls will bang anything, even a chode, if you have a bus. So go out there and get yourself a bus Mr. Big Foot. Start your own amature porn site and be free. The world is yours.
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
9:37 pm
Umm... I'm really not a leader nore a racist bigit. Sorry. I try to follow the Chode code and in honor of this code I will talk about what TJ loves. Bang Bus is something that you can't sum up in one word. hold on, I have to hit the pipe... what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Bang Bus is like the cubist or surrealists in art. They have taken the old form (of porn) and broke outside of that box, making a compelling, and interesting new view (on porn). So, is not right to compare These members of the Bang Bus to Picasso, Rembrant, and all those artists who broke the rules and made there own. Lets here it for Bang Bus in all its dehumanizing, disgusting, and retarded Glory! HERE! HERE!
12:05 am
YELLOW SNOW!??! i dunno what im suppose to write about it but T-GAY told me to...but honestly what i really dont like is slushy muddy snow..it makes me really mad when i have to walk to class in it and it gets all over my nice white shoes....
Monday, December 6th, 2004
11:46 pm
So whats the deal with Bang Bus? I think it is quite possibly the most innovative amateur porn site in the world. These guys were willing to go that extra step and create something truly unique. U might not agree with it (alyssa) but you have to commend its boldness. They are in it for the sport, not the money, true American heros. They should be invited to Presidential dinners and such. Like Bush doesnt watch the 'Bang Bus' come on! I myself am not a connoissuer of porn, but I can appreciate something that breaks boundary lines. Hats off to yee, three cheers. Bang Bus, Bang Bus, Bang Bus!!!!!!!!
11:09 pm
The Monarchy of the Chode
I am glad to be part of the royal circle jerk that is The Chode's Kingdom. I will live my life of the Chode, by the Chode and for the Chode. Please join and unite as one to fight the battle and win in honor of Chode's name. JOIN ME now well the time is ripe for victory. We can conquer the world and become Arian nation of Chode ethnic decent.

Current Mood: determined
7:58 pm
But what if i do not want to talk about chodes and whatever gross stuff you want to talk about!!! DO I HAVE TO LEAVE T-BAG TJ, oh whoops i mean T-GAY?
5:25 pm
wow... chodes.
i am so proud to be part of this "chode community"... lol hmmm as my 1st um *strains to think of the word* my 1st ime writing in this...

"teej656: just post on gooches, OJ, PJ, Bangbus, chodes,....any of those "

so uh gooches, OJ, PJ, Bangbus, Chodes...

"teej656: or oj simpson"

or oj simpson...

so gooches... isnt that a dress? well if its what i think it is, a dress, then i think they are too short.

ook i was just informed i dont wanna knwo what a gooche is? not a dress?...

well lets see... i think bangbus... is really funny. not like the fact taht they are all sluts... i have no respect for that, i also think that its sick the men can go along with it... but they are sluts none the less, so... they gotta make a livin somehow...
do they get their money before they get dumped outa the van?

ook a gooch.

well since tj doesnt want a NOVEL... then go buy socks

Current Mood: looks like that guy on goonies
7:20 pm
hello wicked_chode
i just joined wicked_chodes... personally i don't care for the chode part of the title of the group, but i have a strong viewpoint about some of the subjects to be addressed in this group... like bang bus... i think those guys are seriously messed up in the head. And that's all i've got for right now.
6:53 pm
Let the games begin!
This is the first post one 'wicked_chodes' yay. Ok, i will get ppl to fill u up my lovely chode community
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